When you had Emergency Earthquake Alert

Hello everyone!

The recent emergency earthquake alert was quite a surprise, wasn’t it? Suddenly, everyone’s cell phones started ringing and I bet it caused a bit of panic. However, it’s important to stay calm and know how to respond in these situations. Today, I would like to share with all foreign visitors currently in Japan, what to do when an emergency earthquake alert goes off and when these alerts usually occur.


First, when an emergency earthquake alert goes off, stay calm and check your surroundings. It’s important to confirm whether your location is safe or not. If you are inside a building, it is recommended to hide under a table or desk, and protect your head as much as possible. Stay where you are until the shaking stops, and then check for any injuries and assess the situation before taking further action.


Now, do you know when these emergency alerts usually occur? The emergency earthquake alert system is triggered when an earthquake with a magnitude of 5 or higher is expected to occur or has already occurred in Japan. Japan is known for having many earthquakes, but don’t worry, the country is well-prepared for them. Many buildings and facilities have been designed to withstand earthquakes.


In Japan, there are many organizations that provide information on disaster preparedness for foreigners. Here are a few examples

  • Japan Tourism Agency
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • NHK World-Japan

In addition to these organizations, information on disaster prevention is also provided on the websites of local governments, international exchange offices, and consultation services for foreigners. Foreign residents can use this information to prepare for disasters.

I hope this information is helpful to you! Remember to stay safe and calm when an emergency earthquake alert goes off.