Discover new tastes in Japan!

Hello everyone! Have you ever tried HIYASHI-CHUKA? HIYASHI-CHUKA is a unique and refreshing flavorful Japanese summer staple. It is a dish that makes you feel warm and energized when eaten on a hot summer day. It is often eaten at home or in restaurants.   HIYASHI-CHUKA is like cold ramen, but does not taste like Read more about Discover new tastes in Japan![…]

Let’s understand more about Japanese food culture

What is the Japanese cuisine that you imagine? Ramen and sushi are not the only Japanese foods. Today I will explain a little about Japanese food here.   Japanese food culture is unique, and there is an order in which one not only eats up each dish, but also proceeds to eat in a well-balanced Read more about Let’s understand more about Japanese food culture[…]