Do you know what Tanabata is?

Today is July 7, Tanabata. Tanabata is a Japanese annual event held on seasonal milestones, and is one of the five most important seasonal festivals, along with March 3 (Girls’ Festival) and May 5 (Children’s Day). Various events and festivals are held in various parts of Japan in honor of the legend that Orihime (Princess Read more about Do you know what Tanabata is?[…]

Discover new tastes in Japan!

Hello everyone! Have you ever tried HIYASHI-CHUKA? HIYASHI-CHUKA is a unique and refreshing flavorful Japanese summer staple. It is a dish that makes you feel warm and energized when eaten on a hot summer day. It is often eaten at home or in restaurants.   HIYASHI-CHUKA is like cold ramen, but does not taste like Read more about Discover new tastes in Japan![…]

Let’s understand more about Japanese food culture

What is the Japanese cuisine that you imagine? Ramen and sushi are not the only Japanese foods. Today I will explain a little about Japanese food here.   Japanese food culture is unique, and there is an order in which one not only eats up each dish, but also proceeds to eat in a well-balanced Read more about Let’s understand more about Japanese food culture[…]


A Guide for Enjoying the Rainy season.

Hello everyone! Japan is known for its beautiful and diverse seasons, and today I would like to talk about a uniquely Japanese season, the rainy season (tsuyu). June(Tsuyu) and September(Akisame) are rainy months, but they also have their own charming aspects. In this issue, we will show you how to enjoy and make the most Read more about A Guide for Enjoying the Rainy season.[…]

Cultural experience just 30 minutes from Ikebukuro

I would like to introduce Kawagoe “KOEDO” today. Kawagoe is about a 30-minute train ride from Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The nearest station is Hon-Kawagoe. Easy access from Ikebukuro is one of the attractions of visiting Kawagoe. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo period (1603-1867), a short distance away from the busy city life. In Read more about Cultural experience just 30 minutes from Ikebukuro[…]