Japanzuki is specialized in Travel-Study in Japan

Japanzuki is an idea born from the work of two girls, travellers, but above all friends from two different culture that shares this great experience: live and study in a foreign country. In a world where young people need to find their Way to follow, chase, change, our goal is to work together and give the best assistance possible to anyone chasing this Dream

We offer completely FREE assistance and help people to go study in Japan. We not only offer you the possibility to study in the best Japanese schools but we also guide you in choosing the one most suited for you.

Japanzuki will guide you from the very first steps of your journey and our assistance will last until the end of your study in Japan.
This is what we will help you on:

  • Choosing the city
  • Choosing the school and the most suited course
  • Finding accommodation
  • Orient yourself on the territory

All of this to help our clients to live at their best this amazing experience.

Why choose Japanzuki?

Because we embarked in this journey when there wasn’t yet a specializd agency to help young students to choose the right course of study, missing out on a lot of joy and fun and causing pain fatigue since doing it alone it is much more difficult and requires more time.

Our exclusive SCOLAR SYSTEM™

Thanks to our SCOLAR SYSTEM™ you will fly to Japan e study the language in a very easy and fast way. You just need to follow with us the 6 steps of our system:

  1. Support
  2. Cooperation
  3. Orientation
  4. Language
  5. Achievement
  6. Results

Our system offers you free assistance all the time, help to find the best solution for every person, a complete orientation on every aspect of the life in Japan, help to face the language barrier, a very good learning experience in one of the best school of Japan and great guaranteed result at the end of your staying.

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