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Sapporo is situated in the north island of Hokkaido. Until recent years the island was mostly inhabited and this is why it still maintains its local appearance. Wide forests and snowy landscape characterize the region, winters are cold and during summers you can feel a cold mountain breeze. For centuries the native civilization, Ainu, has populated the island and today it still remains a fascinating place.

Hokkaido’s dialect is the same of Kansai and Okinawa and it’s unique, with its musical pronunciation being to a sensitive ear very different from the rest of the country. The largest city is Sapporo, famous for the Snow Festival held every year showing off some fantastic sculptures. Between a bath immersed in onsen and Japan’s best sushi, Sapporo is a city to discover.

Schools and Japanese Courses In Sapporo

Icons below show courses and characteristics of the school

  •  International environment
  •  JLPT preparation course
  • Summer courses
  •  Extra activities
  •  Housing research support
  •  Job Finding

Here below you can find the main schools you can chose to study in Sapporo.

Hokkaido JaLS – Hokkaido Japanese Language School

Let’s go to Sapporo!
JaLS is a school specialized in short term courses and teaches Japanese with one clear goal: having fun learning it! Living the culture and make friends with the locals is the best way to learn a foreign language. For this reason the school offers many extracurricular activities.
The maximum number of student in each class is 8 to guarantee everyone’s involvement and there are 7 different levels of learning from the most basic to the very advanced.
There are also some extra courses dedicated to manga, anime, cooking and fashion. During the day the school offers English courses to Japanese student so there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends and improve your Japanese!


Course types:

  • Standard Course
  • Standard Course + Private Lessons
  • Standard + Internship Course
  • Traditional culture Course
  • Pop culture Course
  • Japanese for travelling Course
  • Seasonal Courses

First date Course:

Every Monday *Except Seasonal Courses

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