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Osaka is one of the most exciting cities of Japan. If a language is the expression of the people speaking it, Osaka is the perfect example. Osaka dialect is irresistible and in it you can feel the vitality and authenticity of the Osakans.

Many of the most famous architects have participated in the building of the city. For example Kansai international airport is the work of Renzo Piano, who has given the building an incredible undulating shape. Japanese people are often considered very shy, but this quality is completely lost in Osaka, where Dotombori, a district in the middle of the city is going to make you feel like in Blade Runner, surrounded by neon lights and never ending sounds.

If sushi is born in Tokyo, Osaka is the home of some of the most iconic Japanese foods: Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki!!!

Schools and Japanese Courses in Osaka

Icons below show courses and characteristics of the school

  •  International environment
  •  JLPT preparation course
  • Summer courses
  •  Extra activities
  •  Housing research support
  •  Job Finding

Here below you can find the main schools you can chose to study in Osaka.

Human Academy

At the Human Academy you can follow Japanese language intensive courses.


Tipi di Corso:

  • Standard Course
  • Standard Course + Private Lessons
  • Short term Course* (cultural activities included)
  • Small group course
  • Internship
  • Business language course
  • JLPT preparation course
  • EJU preparation course


Available date:


*Short course every first Monday of the month

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