One Day Trip Wakayama (Blog Irene)

In the break between one school term and another, to rest from the exam session, I decided to spend a few days traveling.

When I made the route of the Kodo Kumano in December, I left a piece of myself in Wakayama Prefecture, which had welcomed me with affection and wonderful experiences.

So my decision to go back to these green and beautiful lands was born.

I traveled three days crossing five cities on the south coast of Wakayama, certainly time, being in full 梅 雨 (rainy season) was not lenient with me, but did not take away the magic.

My first stop, after 5 hours of train, was Nachi, maybe you’ve already heard about it because of the famous and namesake waterfalls.

The Nachi waterfall, with its 113 meters of uninterrupted jump holds the record as the highest waterfall in Japan.

In the vicinity of the waterfalls there is the beautiful temple of Kumano Naichi Taisha, in truth you will find two temples, one dedicated to Buddhism and the other to Shinto, which were originally united.

The next stop is Kii-ktsuura.

This town at first glance seems to have nothing special, a very large port, no beach… So why is it so famous?

It won’t have big temples or picturesque streets but Kii-Katsuura is the tuna capital.

A huge market but above all delicious!

At the tourist office I was lucky enough to meet a very nice girl but especially full of advice on where to go to eat

*tip: wherever you decide to go, always look for the tourist office. It is an incredible resource and they will know how to answer any question. If you’re worried about the language, don’t worry, there are always people who can speak English.

My dinner was idyllic.

The next day I was in Shingu, a town that beautiful temple complexes, as well as the temple (Kamikura) from which, according to Shinto beliefs, the gods descended on earth.

The temple is very small, it is composed of a single room to which you can not access, but the particularity, which will repay you the 538 steps made, is the location. The temple is in a perfect balance with a huge boulder, the view is spectacular.

In the evening I decide to enjoy the long ocean in the bay of Atashika, where I will spend the night.

The next morning I woke up from the persistent rain and this makes me review my plans for the day.

Despite my prayers I can not take a bath in the beautiful bay and so I decide to move to the nearby Mie Prefecture and visit the city of Ise.

Ise is a city rich in history and beautiful landscapes, the ideal would be to dedicate at least 2 full days, but unfortunately I do not have so much time.

I console myself by visiting the Ise Jingu Geku temple which is a collective of 125 sanctuaries of different size and importance.

Sadly in the afternoon I head to the station to take the train that will take me home, with the promise to myself to return as soon as possible to these wonderful places.