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The journey to Nagano is a beautiful train raid through the Japanese countryside. The sight will make you forget the many stations to reach destination, and Mount Fuji saw from the right windows is going to make the all journey worth it.

Rise fields and fruit cultivations surround the area that feels like ancient Japan. We are almost 3 train hours from Tokyo e here nature is still predominant. Nagano’s atmosphere is like the essence of its residents, simple and very affectionate people.

Breathing fresh mountain air, resting in the warm water of the onsen, and admiring breathtaking sights like Hakuba and Matsumoto Castle make this city so unique.

Schools and Japanese Courses in Nagano

Icons below show courses and characteristics of the school

  •  International environment
  •  JLPT preparation course
  • Summer courses
  •  Extra activities
  •  Housing research support
  •  Job Finding

Here below you can find the main schools you can choose to study in Nagano.

ISI – International Study Institute

One of the first school of Japanese to be established, the International Study Institute has already 4 branches in Japan: 1 school in Nagano (the first to be opened), 2 in Tokyo (Takadanobaba and Ikebukuro) and 1 in Kyoto (the most recent).

Nagano is a city surrounded by nature, and allows you to breathe Japanese’s daily life, through the study of the language.

  • Possible 4 years study plan
  • Extracurricular activities with Japanese students
  • Area with plenty of historical sights

Course types:

  • Standard Course
  • JLPT preparation course
  • Private Lessons
  • University and college preparation courses


Student Residence and Homestay

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