Let’s understand more about Japanese food culture

What is the Japanese cuisine that you imagine?

Ramen and sushi are not the only Japanese foods.

Today I will explain a little about Japanese food here.


Japanese food culture is unique, and there is an order in which one not only eats up each dish, but also proceeds to eat in a well-balanced manner. This is based on a traditional Japanese eating style called ” ichi-ju san-sai,” which means “one soup, three dishes“.

The ” ichi-ju san-sai”, meal style consists of rice (the staple food), soup, and a main and side dish. In the concept of “one soup, three dishes,” the main and side dishes are eaten in alternating order in order to achieve a balanced diet. It is common to eat one bite at a time of miso soup, rice, and side dishes in this order. It is not important what you start eating first, but it is considered a nice and beautiful way to eat when all the plates are finally finished in a balanced manner.


By eating in this order, one can enjoy the taste and flavor of the ingredients to the fullest. The one soup, three dishes style is also a nutritionally balanced way of eating. By incorporating protein in the main dish and nutrients such as vegetables and seaweed in the side dishes, a variety of nutrients can be obtained.

Furthermore, Japanese food culture also features when eating out at izakaya (Japanese style pubs) and other restaurants. Especially when dining with several people, it is common for everyone to eat together instead of ordering only their own food.



At an izakaya, for example, many menus are offered, and several people each choose a dish of their choice. Afterwards, it is common for everyone to share the food. This allows people to enjoy a variety of dishes while building conversation and social interaction.






It is hoped that international students will also have the opportunity to experience Japanese food culture and get to know Japanese culture and people more deeply.