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Located by the sea between Kyoto and Osaka, the city is only few minutes away from the latter. After the great Kansai earthquake, the city was seriously damaged, but now Kobe has been completely rebuilt and it hasn’t lost its charm thanks also to the beautiful scenery of the coast and Mount Rokko.

Like often happens in Japan, in Kobe modernity and tradition are fused together. Few km away on the opposite side of Mount Rokko it lays Arima Onsen, the oldest onsen of Japan.

Kobe is also notoriously famous for its sake and as many of you surely know for its popular meat.

Schools and Japanese Courses in Kobe

Icons below show courses and characteristics of the school

  •  International environment
  •  JLPT preparation course
  • Summer courses
  •  Extra activities
  •  Housing research support
  •  Job Finding

>Here below you can find the main schools you can choose to study in Kobe.

ILA – Interculture Language School

In the old and fascinating Kobe there is a school rich of history, elected this year as well among the best institute for the study of Japanese in all the country. Beyond the teaching of the language there are many courses centered on the learning cultural rules. Student are from all over the world, from Europe, Asia and America.
One of the main characteristics of the school is to prepare students for a possible working experience in Japan with specific lesson and internship in real companies. Some class days are balance between the studying of the language and extracurricular activities to help students improve their learning but also to have fun doing it.


Course types:

  • Standard Course
  • Short term Course*
  • Travel studio Course
  • Japanese business course+internship
  • Kanji Lessons
  • Preparation Course for university
  • JLPT preparation course

Available date:


*For the short term course, enrollment is except national holidays.

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