Irene’s Blog3

My day,

like all of us, is made up of 24 hours, unfortunately in this extraordinary situation sometimes it seems that it lasts 72 hours.

Everyone on social media now shares their routine, so I felt entitled to do it myself.

Here is my made in Kyoto routine!

At 09:00 the alarm goes off and I hardly get up, the biggest temptation is to stay in the futon and get up just 10 minutes before the online class, but I made myself not to regress to a larval state.

Breakfast in Japan has always been for me as the most difficult meal, cappuccino and croissant are a fond memory. The Japanese prefer a savory breakfast and the breakfast products that I consider typical (jams, yogurt, cornflakes, bread etc.) are quite expensive having a narrow market.

So my breakfast alternates between yogurt-banana-honey and miso soup with seaweed and rice.

My morning is well outlined, I dedicate myself to the arrangement of the apartment and household chores, I check the school homework and I prepare the lunch.

My class starts at 1:00 pm.

When I finish the lesson it is now 4.10 pm

For a couple of days now, I started to search online for exercises to do at home. Not that I was ever a great sportswoman, but now I never leave the house.

As explained in my first article I am not obliged to stay at home, but personally I decided not to go out unless strictly necessary.

In the evening I always try to read, since I could not carry many books in my suitcase because of the weight, I opted for an ebook format.

Obviously TV series and movies abound, and can be a great exercise to train listening to the language.

Greetings from Kyoto