Golden Week!!

The Golden Week is a week (April 29th May 5th) in which a series of national holidays are concentrated.


April 29
Showa Day (Showa no hi 昭和の日):
April 29 is the birthday of former Emperor Showa, who died in the year 1989.


May 3

It is the day on which the new constitution (Kenpo kinenbi 憲 法 記 念 日) of 1947 is celebrated.

In this new text the figure of the Emperor is redefined as a symbol of popular unity and of the State, which recognizes human rights and repudiates war.


May 4
Until 2006, this holiday was celebrated on April 29th, the birthday of Emperor Showa, being a nature lover.

Before being declared Green Day, May 4 was a national holiday because of a law, which declares a day, which falls between two national holidays, a national holiday.


May 5

Children’s Day (kodomo no hi 子 供 の 日)

This day according to the ancient lunar calendar marked the beginning of summer and the rainy season.

Today, the feast is a time of celebration and prayer for the growth of children.

On display are dolls depicting warriors with their armor and koinobori (鯉 幟) figures of carp made of paper that are made to sway in the sky, the show is hypnotic, hundreds of colored carp that move as they were swimming.

In addition, the children are bathed with iris leaves for good luck, and are eaten the kashiwa mochi ( 柏 餅) sweets of glutinous rice filled with sweet bean paste wrapped in an oak leaf.