FURIN-the sound of summer-

Summer in Kyoto is now over and takes away the sultry heat, the sound of cicadas, all the sounds of the season, including one in particular, the sound of fūrin.

The name of the fūrin 風 鈴 ふ う り ん is composed of two kanj, wind () and small bell () which perfectly reflect the nature of this object: wind bell.

This pretty bell is often displayed on the porches of wooden houses characteristic of Japan, or hung from a window.

The fūrin is composed of a glass bell decorated with various designs, inside it is inserted on a ribbon a sort of bell, of different material, which produces the characteristic sounds.

At the end of the tape a small sheet of rice paper is usually attached where you can write a thought, or a wish.

Originally this bell, of Chinese origin, was a luxury for a few, a came to cost from 200,000 to 300,000 yen, about more than 2000 euros, the reason was the material

In Japan the art of glass construction was not practiced as in the rest of the world. So all glass-based artifacts were considered a luxury.