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Located in the South of Japan on the Kyushu Island, Fukuoka is unfortunately almost unknown to foreigners. Like any other southern cities it has a warm and opened character, sometimes even dazzling, the city likes at night to reunite in famous yatai, stands where it is possible to grab some Hakata ramen sitting or walking.

Thanks to its position, Fukuoka is well protected from summers typhoons by the sea and earthquakes are very rare. Summers are very hot and people from here are very warm.
The airport is only 10 minutes away from the city center and also to get to the beach is only a 10 minutes bike ride.
To get here is possible to arrive by airplane or a shinkansen.

Schools and Japanese Courses in Fukuoka

Icons below show courses and characteristics of the school

  •  International environment
  •  JLPT preparation course
  • Summer courses
  •  Extra activities
  •  Housing research support
  •  Job Finding

Here below you can find the main schools you can chose to study in Fukuoka.

japanzuki - genki school logoGENKI – Japanese and Culture School

The main characteristic of the Fukuoka branch is that classes have max 7 students, very often they are not more than 4. This makes the learning very intensive since everyone has the possibility to have its personal time. Classes are all about integrating the learning of the language through conversation together with cultural themes and so let the students to find out more about the differences within the language.
Extracurricular activities are diverse. Every 2 weeks there is a movie show with later discussions, and every week there is a dinner in a different place.

Another cool thing about this school is that it is possible to exchange your time with the other branch located in Tokyo.


Course types:

  • Standard Course
  • Intensive conversation course
  • Language course + traditional cultural
  • Language course + pop cultural


Homestay, Student Residence, Guesthouse, Weekly apartment

Available date:


First Tuesday of every month for the beginner level
*In the months of July and August: the first and third Tuesday of the month

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