Federico’s Blog 1

Ready, steady, go! Here we go again, we start to study, look like the first day of school.

Learning is never ending.

Japanzuki - Tajimi River

Feelings are so wide and various: excitement, desire of learning, amazing emotions.

The first two days will help you to understand the classes that you will attend and give you useful informations about life in Japan.

Third day!

The big challenge begins: for good now the teachers will just speak japanese!

The initial shock is big especially for me that my level of japanese is elementary, seems like that I will never understand a word! But miracle!

After one week all the class is speaking in Japanese. People from around all the world are now speaking the same language! Unbelievable! The big adventure will continue next week, every student is full of hope and willing of learning! Gambatte!

After a big effort a small holiday is the best way to charge an exhausted student. Tajimi and Nagoya are the perfect places. The Shinkansen brought me to Nagoya and then to the beautiful landscapes of Tajimi, the city famous for its handmade pottery. With a short car distance you can find beautiful landscapes far away from the chaos of the big city.