Facts about Japan

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Before you leave for Japan there are some information that may be helpful for you to know and that can make your  life in Japaneasier. Here is for you few facts that you should know about the beautiful country of Nihon 日本.


Currency: Yen

Capital: Tokyo

Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Area: 377 944 km²

Population: 126 771 000 of which 13 010 287 living in the capital

Language: Japanese

Religion: Shinto and Buddhism

Weather: Japan has mostly a temperate climate and it can be very different from north to south, from Hokkaido freezing temperature to the subtropical temperature of the Okinawa Island. Dry and sunny winters are followed by the monsoon season and very hot and humid summers.

Time zone: UTC+9

Economy: the Japanese economic miracle that took Japan to become the world’s second largest economy ended with the economic bubble in the latest 80’s. Since 2005, Japan is back to be among the world’s most flourishing economy. Japanese manufactory is one of the most advanced on the planet especially the automotive and consumer electronics industry. Other very well developed industries are bioindustry, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, textiles, gaming and petrochemical industry just to name a few. Japan is also motherland of some corporate giants like: Toyota, Honda, Sony, Yamaha, Sharp, Canon, Nikon and many others.

Safety: Japan scores the lowest in micro-criminality compared to the other world’s industrialized countries. This doesn’t mean there are no dangers. Many are the stereotypes that surround Japanese people, but the most common is about their honesty. It is very common to leave personal bags to reserve a seat or to find a lost cell phone at the station where you forgot it. Japan is also a very safe place for women and walking alone during night hours in any place usually is not a risk. Pay a certain level of attention is always advised even if Japanese public transportation are very well monitored and local trains have during rush hours women-only passenger cars.

Earthquakes: Since ancient times Japan has been a country with a serious seismic activity. This is because Japan is located among four major tectonic plates. As a consequence of this, Japan has developed meticulous security measures to preserve its building and protect its people. Earthquake drills are regularly held in every aspect of the Japanese culture, from schools to offices.

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