Excursion to Takao (Blog Irene)

One thing this quarantine is teaching us is definitely social distancing.

What better way to implement it than to go to the mountains away from everyone and enjoy nature?

And that’s exactly what I did.

Meta: Takao

Finding a suitable day was actually not easy.

Those who know the mountain know that they must wait for a combination of favorable factors to undertake a hike safely, the most important is a series of (at least) two days of full sun. In this way the soil will be dry and passable.

I recommend you do not go on excursions that you have not been informed about, but above all you will always notify someone of the route you will take and where you will go.

The destination I chose for I already knew: Takao.

It is located about 25-30 min from the center of Kyoto, from the bus you notice that the environment, just out of the city, changes quickly, on the sides of the roads you see more trees and on the roads begin to appear the mountain hairpin bends.

I arrive in the morning and Takao welcomes me lush and quiet, only the lapping of the Kiyotaki River interrupts the silence.

I like the silence that is in the mountains and I stop to have breakfast on the banks of the river with some onigiri bought to combini.

Bring your food from home, there are no shops nearby!

After visiting two nearby temples (Saimyojibyodoshinnoin and Takaosan Jingoji) I start my excursion.

This path leads from Takao to Arashiyama taking about 2 h and 30 min, the route is very simple and you do not have to be an expert hiker to travel it.

I walk along the river enjoying its colors and the open air. I occasionally meet some other hiker and the Japanese are surprised to see a stranger walking in the woods unfortunately the destination of Takao is unknown to tourists.

At about a third of the route there is a picnic area, I meet many Japanese couples who also took advantage of the day.

I leave the mountain path and I’m in Kiyotaki, another small town, from which you can take a bus that leads to Arashiyama, skipping the last part of the route, which I recommend you to go.

In the afternoon my trip ends. I recommend the route to everyone! Just make sure you have suitable shoes, water and comfortable clothing.