Discover new tastes in Japan!

Hello everyone!

Have you ever tried HIYASHI-CHUKA?

HIYASHI-CHUKA is a unique and refreshing flavorful Japanese summer staple. It is a dish that makes you feel warm and energized when eaten on a hot summer day. It is often eaten at home or in restaurants.


HIYASHI-CHUKA is like cold ramen, but does not taste like ramen. The acidity of the vinegar makes it a refreshing dish perfect for summer.


Its appeal lies in the exquisite combination of a variety of ingredients and sauces. The noodles have a glutinous texture like ramen noodles, and the cold broth and various toppings such as vegetables, eggs, meat, and seafood add color to the dish. In addition, spicy sauces and sour seasonings intertwine to create a deep flavor.


Various ingredients and seasonings can also be arranged. For example, the flavor can be enhanced by adding sesame oil or sesame paste, and herbs and spices can be used to give the dish an even more unique taste.


When HIYASHI-CHUKA becomes available at restaurants, Japanese people feel that summer has finally come.

Please try it in Japan. This refreshing and delightful taste sensation will be a new gastronomic discovery for you.