About Us

Japanzuki is an idea born from the work of two girls, travellers, but above all friends from two different culture that shares this great experience: live and study in a foreign country.

In a world where young people need to find their way to follow, chase, change, our goal is to work together and give the best assistance possible to anyone chasing this dream

Yoko Kato - Japanzuki





Who is Yoko Kato?

I was born in a town called Valencia of Venezuela and came to Japan when I was 5 years old. I grew up in Tokyo.
After finishing my school days, I went to Canada for a working holiday for a year, traveled in Europe for a long period of time, and returned to Japan.
In total, I have been working in the language learning business for more than 10 years in Canada and Japan. And I have helped Japanese people who wants to become global leaders.

I am one of those who have studied languages abroad and have experienced the difficulties and joys of language learning firsthand.

There were many good things about Japan that I learned after living abroad.
Japan has a unique culture compared to other countries, and I think it is a very interesting country.
I also enjoy the sights and sounds of the old history mixed in with the modern cities.
I would like more people to know about this wonderful country, Japan.
I am happy to help you to live safely in Japan while studying Japanese language, learning Japanese culture, and enjoying your life in Japan.
I would be delighted if I could help you to make your life in Japan a page in your life.



Who is Giovanna Mazza?

Choosing Japanese language studies it’s not something you do randomly, by chance.
Getting close to Japanese culture, though, can be accidental.
There will be one question you’ll be asked the most: ” Why do you study japanese?”.
So before you keep reading I’d like you to take a few minutes to think about it.
Apparently it’s an ordinary question, but the answer can tell so much about you and especially about your worldview ’cause the Motivation has been pushing you through this language studies which gives you a headache just by looking at it, I know.
If you found your Motivation hold it tight.

Two facts deeply influenced my life choices.
Growing up on an island, Sardinia, and books. Living full rounded by the sea forced me to deeply know my background, but at the same time to imagine what there was beyond, on the other shore. I always believed that the sea has the strength to make you feel protected but also to induce you ask yourself about the otherside.
I own Sardinia and also Naples my love for languages, as I was born under Vesuvius, still facing the sea.
Languages are not just words, they hide worlds, thoughts, cultures.
Obviously love for languages often coincides with love for travelling, and that’s precisely what I did after College.
I lived in Australia right before living in Japan and I’ve been travelling anywhere I could just with my backpacker and few saved money. All I’ve learned was to listen to stories so far from mine and others so similar.
Travel can teach you to observe the difference, different lives, different people, different thoughts. And that’s necessary to build your personality and your dreams.
Literature teached me to feel different lives as if they were my own.