A Guide for Enjoying the Rainy season.

Hello everyone!

Japan is known for its beautiful and diverse seasons, and today I would like to talk about a uniquely Japanese season, the rainy season (tsuyu). June(Tsuyu) and September(Akisame) are rainy months, but they also have their own charming aspects. In this issue, we will show you how to enjoy and make the most of the rainy season in Japan. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of rain together!

  • What is the rainy season: First, let’s review the basics of the rainy season. The rainy season is the long period of rain that begins around June before summer begins.Although humidity is higher during this period, the rain revitalizes the landscape and creates lush green landscapes that showcase the natural beauty of Japan.There is also a season of long rains from the end of summer to autumn, which is not well known. This long rainy season, which coincides with the typhoon season, is called “akisame” (autumn rain).


  • Finding Pleasure in Gentle Rain: The rainy season’s rainfall can actually be quite soothing and enjoyable. Take delight in listening to the sound of rain while cozying up in a café or indulging in a good book. Exploring the city streets with a stylish raincoat and boots can lead to unexpected discoveries and unique experiences.


  • Stylish Rain Fashion: To fully embrace rainy days, it’s important to have stylish rain fashion. Consider accessorizing with cute umbrellas, rain boots and fashionable raincoats, creating your own rainy-day style. it can result in captivating photographs!


  • Café Culture on Rainy Days: Japan is home to many charming cafés, and visiting them on rainy days adds a special touch. Enjoy the scent of freshly brewed coffee while raindrops patter against the café windows. Dive into a good book or engage in delightful conversations with friends. The cozy ambiance and delicious meals will make your rainy day experience memorable.


  • Rainy Season Traditions: The “Japanese rainy season” has its own traditions and charms. Witness the beauty of rainbows that often appear after the rain, or take a walk in the lush green nature.It is also the season of hydrangea (“ajisai”) blooms, so consider enjoying the many different types of flowers. There is a temple in Kamakura that is famous for its hydrangea flowers, called the Ajisai Dera. (https://trip-kamakura.com/place/230.html)I recommend going there as it is easily accessible from Tokyo.


The rainy seasons in Japan offer a wealth of unique charm. Why not immerse yourself in the beauty of rain, exploring Japan’s nature and culture to the fullest?